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harry angelic

Sweet Anonymity.

Title: Sweet Anonymity.


Pairing: Joick. Joe/Nick.

Summary: Anonymous (?!) Phone sex

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Nick didn’t know why he was here; answering calls to give phone sex to creepy anonymous strangers. Maybe it wasn’t exactly like that. He had a pretty good job… It had good pay, a nice office, and a private chat line. Except for the government being sneaky little bastards and listening in on phone calls all over the U.S.

Besides that, he also sometimes got off when he was doing his job. If it got really hot, that is. He can tell by voice if someone was old or not and Nick definitely picked the good ones.

Nick let out a deep breath, running his hand through his curls as he hung up with a client. Fuck that was hot. He thought to himself, sliding his hand down his stomach to touch his throbbing boner. He jumped when he heard the phone ring, his Bluetooth dinging with the phone.

Nick kind of pouted his lips in sad way, clicking the button to answer the phone. “Hey baby, how can I help you?” He answered in a sweet and seductive voice. Nick had been told once that he had the perfect voice for this job. That’s why he took the job as an extra one… For fun.

Nick heard a pause on the other line and then someone speak just as soft as Nick did when he answered the phone. “Uhm… Ihavetherightnumberright?” It was a first timer. Nick loved first timers. They were usually the best. Believe it or not, when people don’t know what they’re doing, they say anything to see if they got it right. Meaning that they couldn’t be shy.

He chuckled. “If you’re looking for the anonymous phone sex hotline… then, yes.” He said into his Bluetooth, tapping his fingers against his desk. “Yeah… Yes I am. This is my first time… So I’m not really sure what to do.” Nick smiled to himself. He knew it. “Well, just start out and tell me a little bit about yourself. Paint me a picture. What do you look like; what’re you wearing?”

Now Nick felt like the anon pervert. “Well, I have black hair, a bit of a Mohawk, I have hazel eyes, thick eyebrows…” The man trailed off. “Would it be okay if you told me your name?” Nick raised an eyebrow. This was new. No one ever really wanted to get into names. “My name’s Nick.” He felt the man grin over the phone. “My name’s Joe… only thought it would be fair.”

“Fair enough, Joe. This will be our little secret.” Nick said quietly, biting his lip. “Are you going to go on?” He added. “Yes! Yes…” Joe laughed. “I’m not wearing any shirt… I kinda just got out of the shower. I’m only in a towel.” Nick felt himself blushing when he asked his next question, “You got muscles?” He bit his lip a bit harder. “They’re pretty big.” He heard his client answer.

Nick practically moaned right there. Luckily he had control and held back. “That’s hot.” He giggled, sitting back in his office chair. On the other side of the line, Joe was smirking heavily. “What about you there, Nicky? What have you got on?”
Nick was really blushing now. “Nothing special. Black skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt.” “A man with style. Fucking sexy.” He felt his client come out a bit more. “Mhm…” Nick trailed off, sliding his chair more under the desk as he rubbed at his even harder clothed dick. “If I was with you in person right now, I’d be all over you,” Nick said seductively.

“I would take off your shirt and admire your muscles,” Nick said, imagining exactly what he said to this man. Joe groaned slightly, laying back on his pillows. “Nick, that would turn me on so much…” He muttered into the phone, waiting for more of Nick’s scorching hot words. “Then I would kiss down your body until I got to your pants, and I’d tease you by tracing my tongue along your happy trail.” Nick heard Joe whimper, and then he heard a zipper.

I’m good. I’m already in his pants. Nick thought. “You know what I’d do next?” He whispered, hearing Joe’s breath hitch, “What?” “I’d fucking rip those jeans off, and slide my hand into your boxers.” He said with a much rougher voice, not realizing he was pushing his own hand into his boxers. “I’d suck you off, knowing the exact way you would like it. I’d first suck on the tip, and then I’d take in more of you, until I’m swallowing you whole.”

He heard Joe groan louder. “Fuck. You must be really good at that… God, Nick.” Hearing Joe groan his name made him even harder. Nick let out a whine, roughly pushing off his pants and boxers, grabbing his leaking cock. He made a tight fist around himself, softly breathing into the phone. “What are you doing right now, Joe?” He asked, jerking his hips up into his tight fist.

“I-I’m… fingering myself.” Nick threw his head back, moving his hips up faster and more desperately. “OH, oh… that’s hot. Can you fist yourself?” He let his curiosity take over. “Y-yeah, why?” Joe murmured drowsily, moaning into the phone. “I want to hear you moan my name, like… I’m fucking you. My thick cock inside your tight hole. Fuck, Joe.”

Joe moaned, and immediately listened to Nick, working himself up to a fist inside his tight hole. He choked out a moan, mixed with Nick’s name. “Louder.” Nick demanded, so-so close to his orgasm. “Nick!” Joe moaned loudly, sliding his fist in and out of him fast. And with that, Nick was slipping off his chair, tight fist around his cock slowing down as he came all over his hand and shirt.

Nick opened his eyes when he came down from his high, the other end of the line dead. His cheeks immediately flamed when he realized he had hung up on Joe by accident. Well, that’s embarrassing.